Accelerated Programs

REACH Enriched and Accelerated Program

We are proud to offer the REACH Enriched and Accelerated Program, specially designed for high-achieving learners. This program offers qualifying students in grades 4-8 with educational experiences dedicated to nurturing and developing their skills and curiosity. This unique experience is the only one of its kind in Calhoun County!

The REACH program has been a part of BCPS for years, but the recent grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has enabled the district to expand its offerings and flexibility. The district is pleased to strengthen the REACH experience as part of its overall district transformation.

By joining the REACH team, students join a district-wide community of creative and critical thinkers and explore new ways to grow their potential.

Who is REACH for?

REACH students are invited to the program based on high scores on reading and/or math tests, above grade-level abilities, and an active and engaged learning style. The REACH program is available by invitation only, but there may be open spots for eligible students. Families who live within the district and whose children attend other schools can learn whether they might be eligible for this enrichment opportunity. Please call 269-965-9440 or email Luke Perry at to learn more about eligibility and enrollment.

How does REACH work?

The Elementary REACH Program meets twice weekly for half a day of enriched and accelerated instruction utilizing the Pi-Tops curriculum. Teachers challenge students through project-based learning experiences, which build off elementary standards and directly connect to the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center (BCAMSC) expectations for learning.

The Middle School REACH Program provides accelerated curriculum specifically designed to challenge advanced learners. It’s designed to prepare students for multiple opportunities, such as honors credit in high school, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, college dual-enrollment and the Early-Middle College Program.

Benefits for REACH middle schoolers include:

  • Core content teachers collaborating as a team to provide academic, social and behavioral support
  • Opportunity to earn high school credit in math and foreign language while in middle school
  • High school subject area placement test at the end of 8th grade for each grade level to ensure appropriate placement at Battle Creek Central High School
  • Partnership with BCAMSC

Where does REACH take place?

  • 4th and 5th graders will be invited each week to BCAMSC, a state-of-the-art facility which draws expert teachers together with exceptional students of all ages from 15 school districts in Calhoun, Barry, and Branch counties.
  • 6th, 7th and 8th graders will participate in REACH at Springfield Middle School

What makes REACH unique?

The REACH program offers advanced students:

  • Enriched and accelerated curriculum
  • Advanced rigor and content
  • Ongoing evaluation of student progress
  • Pi-Tops curriculum for Elementary REACH students
  • Springboard Curriculum in Math and English for Middle School Students
  • Extension and Depth in Science and Social Studies using project-based, student-centered learning
  • Teachers trained in educating high-achieving learners


Luke Perry

REACH Program Coordinator, BCAMSC Director, BCAMSC
269-965-9440 Email

Jamie Klein

4th and 5th Grade REACH, BCAMSC

Patience Pike

Teacher, Springfield Middle School

Stephanie Marszalek

Teacher, Springfield Middle School

Jason Moose

Teacher, Springfield Middle School

Brenda Lantinga

Teacher, BC STEM Innovation Center