Community Engagement

Supporting student achievement

We are proud to have strong partnerships with students and families, community and businesses. We collaborate with the Battle Creek community to support student achievement and fulfillment, in and out of school.

How we work together to help our community thrive

Our schools invite the community in! We host literacy nights and family engagement events for parents, and for the broader community offer plentiful opportunities to volunteer as greeters, reading buddies, and more. School district facilities are also available to reserve for community events during non-school times.

We work across all potential areas of need our families might experience, teaming up with local organizations to help address them. We contact families directly to understand challenges and barriers and BCPS CIS Site Coordinators help locate services for families, create tighter relationships, and build trust in our ability to care for all kids. We currently host clothing closets in nine buildings for grades K-12.

We help educate not just children, but parents and the broader community! We host a program called Parent University for life and parenting skills like financial independence and youth communication.

Our robust adult education programming offers a flexible path to a high school diploma, and recently expanded to area businesses and organizations. We received recognition from the Michigan Association of Community & Adult Education for quality programming and our “immense impact on the area and state.”

In partnership with Grace Health we now offer service student health centers in our secondary buildings, and in partnership with the health department, every elementary has access to a school nurse.

Other partner programs within BCPS are offered in conjunction with Girls Scouts USA, Operation Fit, Summit Pointe, United Way, and many more!

BCPS Community Partners