Thank You, Bearcat Staff, From Your Community!

Our Staff Are the Best of the Best!

This year for Teacher / Educator Appreciation Week, we gave our families and community an opportunity to celebrate their favorite Bearcat Heroes by submitting shoutouts and thank-you notes through a form on our website. With nearly 200 responses, it's clear - our staff are the best of the best!

Thank you, Bearcat Heroes, for all you do to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve!

BCPS staff member's name School/Department Comments
Carol Poole Adult Education Carol is a person that has made adult education enjoyable. She has opened my mind to see the future possibilities. Of receiving my GED.
Ann J staff Ann J. Kellogg The staff at AnnJ are amazing. I love working in their building every day!!
Chelsea Reichel Ann J. Kellogg Chelsea, You’re an amazing woman and teacher! The love and passion you have for teaching is inspiring and your students are so lucky to have you in their lives. I’m so proud of you and lucky to have you in my life! I hope you have a great week!
Mrs. Bentley Ann J. Kellogg She is absolutely one of the best pricipals that I have ever met! She really cares about the kids and it shows!!!
Mr. Harris BC STEM Thank you for all that you do. Your presence is needed and I appreciate you!
Mr. Harris BC STEM I’ve witnessed Mr. Harris going above and beyond, including attending kids’ sports events when asked by them. It goes without saying that they wouldn’t ask in the first place if his presence, influence, and opinion weren’t so significant to them, which says everything you need to know about the work he’s doing.
Mr. Johnson BC STEM Thank you for being a positive role model and a caring presence.
Mr. Trigg BC STEM Thank you for being an awesome teacher. You are appreciated!
Mr. Wolak BC STEM Thank you for your patience and dedication to your students. You are appreciated!
Mrs. Bates BC STEM Thank you for creating a warm and encouraging environment in your classroom. My son loves math and I’m thankful that he has such a caring and supportive instructor.
Mrs. Boland BC STEM Thank you for making science fun. I appreciate you and all that you do for your students.
Mrs. Gank BC STEM Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you and thank you for the love and dedication you show to each student.
Mrs. Manley BC STEM You’re the best! Thank you for being a great principal.
Mrs.Gank BC STEM Love you Ms.Gank! Keep being great <3
Ms. Kia BC STEM Thank for you all the love you pour into the kids daily. You are appreciated!
Amanda Dollaway BCAMSC She always goes above and beyond for her students
Anne Stagner BCCHS Mrs Stagner was my son’s English teacher at Northwestern middle school and she has been a Sunday school teacher for him, now she is a Sunday school teacher for my daughter. Mrs Stagner is a Bearcat through and through! She stands firm on loving and teaching our kids. She is an amazing person. Mrs Stagner was born to be a teacher!
Bearcat Coaches BCCHS Once a Bearcat ALWAYS a Bearcat 🐾
Camryn Pahl BCCHS She is a dedicated, caring teacher.
Camryn Pahl BCCHS Best teacher I ever had!
Carrie Pennock BCCHS I love u Pennock your da goat
Christopher Momcilovich BCCHS He’s always there for my kids when they need him. He makes learning fun for all the kids in his class and they all enjoy being in his class. Always has a great attitude and passion for helping his students be their best.
Echo Burbank BCCHS Thank you for your support with my son. You have always put in your honest input and when I was upset your words of encouragement were well needed. The time you put in to always ask my son if he needs help even on the days he struggles you never give up. Thanks for all you do for him and for all your students.
Joy Parson BCCHS You will NOT find another person that LOVES OUR KIDS IN THIS BUILDING LIKE SHE DOES! Ms.Joy loves unapologetically! She fights for our students and staff! She says what needs to be said! I appreciate you Ms Joy! 💖
Kamila Brown BCCHS Loveher
Lindsey Koch BCCHS Lindsey goes above and beyond to connect with students each day. She models advocacy, kindness and strength. She often speaks of her "kids" as of they're her very own. She somehow is able to stay focused on what's best for her students despite what is thrown at her, and explifies the Battle Creek way through consistency, excellence of character and integrity in her daily practice in the classroom. She's one of the hardest working people I've ever known and pushes those around her UPWARD to that same standard.
Lori Shaw BCCHS Lory Shaw you have been a blessing since day one since school has started. You have been so helpful reaching out to every resource available to help my son get to the right classes and when no one was available to reach out to me you made it a priority to keep me informed. Thank you for all your support, communication and reassurance.
LuAnne Pierson BCCHS LuAnne Pierson has gone above and beyond making me feel better on days that seemed like a struggle with my son. She has let me know the good days not just the bad in her class, never giving up on my son and his well being. Making sure I am not in this alone. Thank you for all you do and for all the love you show to not just my child but all of them.
Mario Brown BCCHS He has helped my child so much with everything from school work to her sports she’s in. He is a great roll model
Mark Quearry BCCHS I appreciate all the things that you do for our BCPS students. You build relationships with them, you want to see their success, you treat them like they are your family. You are impacting the young men that you coach as well as all the students in your class. You are Amazing!
Mr Engleman BCCHS My daughter enjoys having you as- teacher!!! Thank you for all you have helped her learn this year.
Mr Ford BCCHS Dean Ford is an amazing asset to the Bearcat staff and family! He was a great teacher in the Freshman academy….yes also a teacher for my son! I love the stability Mr Ford brings to the staff and students! He is a coach, teacher, mentor and leader.
Mr Momcilovich BCCHS Mr Mom may have had his ups and downs, but he’s been very consistent and encouraging of our music program. Without him the music program might not have even been a thing anymore, and I’m very grateful to him for all he’s taught me over the past four years.
Mr. Ford BCCHS Mr. Ford has went above and beyond to help problem solve, make communication available, and follow up about any concerns with my son, and has had the best intentions for him. It feels refreshing to know someone like you is at the school helping these children be successful and sit down with fellow staff to help problem solve to put plans in action. Thank you for all your help and everything you do!
Mr. Gilland BCCHS Mr Gilland is a great leader! He is an amazing listener and he loves our bearcats like no other. He was my son’s History Through Film teacher at BCCHS in the Freshman academy. He loves our kids and wants success for ALL bearcats.
Mr. Levi BCCHS You work your butt off! You truly do care about leading by example . You are a great role model for all children. Thank you for all you have done for my son!
mr. momcilovich BCCHS He has always been amazing and kind and a really great teacher!
Mrs Hollins BCCHS Mrs Hollins was the counselor that helped me get the information to help my son get the proper diagnosis and correct support so he could be successful in school. Making sure his schedule was perfect at Northwestern AND at BCC. Seems several staff from Northwestern also were staff at the high school when my son attended! I appreciate you Mrs Hollins. You’re the best!
Mrs Rommel BCCHS You go above and beyond to let kids express their love and identity threw are. You love art yet you love the kids so much more.
Mrs. Brown BCCHS She’s easy to talk to, and understanding.
Mrs. Cox BCCHS Thank you for being a great teacher and accommodating all of your students needs
Mrs. Dewese BCCHS She is always very helpful and kind. Mrs. Dewese shows respect to everyone no matter what. She is very approachable and knows what the material is that she’s teaching.
Mrs. Samples BCCHS Thank you for going above and beyond, and caring so much
Mrs.cox BCCHS She’s a great teacher and wants the best for her students I greatly appreciate her.
Ms. Worden BCCHS Thank you for everything you do not just for my son but for all the students. You go above and beyond by staying after school to hold homework studies and that is awesome and so helpful. You have always put in positive input of encouragement and I thank you for all you do!
Sara Johnson BCCHS Ms. Johnson has real impact on students. She is fair, loving, creative and patient. She is tough, too, but in a way that doesn't harden her emotional bond with others.
Seth Kay BCCHS My daughter has really enjoyed having you as a teacher!!! Thanks for all you have invested in her!!!!
Stacie Forward BCCHS For years Stacie has been there for my sons sporting events taking pictures. Having her at the high school every day has been a blessing. She now is impacting more students through her photography and just being there for them daily at the school.
Danny Dean Transportation Mr. D. as the kids call him has been a constant through this entire school year on the bus. This bus isn't an easy place to work, but he shows up every day and makes a difference by being a constant in those kids' lives.
Lynn Dean Transportation Lynn has been my child's bus driver since freshman year and he loves her. I feel safe knowing my son is on her bus and trust that she always has the students best interest in mind. Thank you for everything
Michaela felder Dean Transportation Thanks for safely getting our kids to and from and your kindness along the way.
Alexis buckley Dudley You have been there since day one with my daughter. You mean a lot to her and our family. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for my daughter and all the other students. We are going to miss you a lot.
All staff at Dudley elementary Dudley The staff at Dudley elementary is wonderful they are always so polite, very helpful and they all do a great job helping the kids with autism as well as other special needs.
Bobbi VanWormer Dudley Mrs. VanWormer is a caring and compassionate teacher, and my son loves her very much. She challenges and encourages him all the time.
Bobbi VanWormer Dudley Mrs. VanWormer is an amazing teacher. She's caring, understanding, and my son loves her 🥰 I was nervous for his first year of school and she made it easier. So thankful for her!
Cassandra Quearry Dudley She has done a fantastic job as a 1st year principal in the district and worked hard developing ways to engage the community.
Cindy Meints Dudley She has done a wonderful job with my child this year. When my child began, he didn’t know any letters but 3 and couldn’t count to 5. Now that we are at the end, he knows almost all of his letters and can count to 30! She also taught him how to handle his emotions better and I can see a change at home, she is an awesome teacher! Thanks Ms. Cindy!
Craig Pennock Dudley He has gone above and beyond despite circumstances and been an amazing teacher.
Deb Caudill Dudley Deb is absolutely amazing with my son! My son can not wait to go school every morning!
Melissa miller Dudley Thank you for all that you do for not only my child but everyone else's as well. I don't know how you do it.
Mr.Pennock Dudley He's a hard worker. Dedicated to his students
Mrs. Miller Dudley My daughter loves your class and loves you! Thank you for challenging her and pushing her to become the greatest person she can become ! She truly enjoys sharing all her memories with you! Thank you for all you do.
Ms. Webb Dudley Great teacher
Ashly Latham* Fremont Miss Latham is the coolest teacher ever! She understands the students and she lets us be ourselves. She helps us and cares about us.
Jessica swisher-zimmerman* Fremont Maestra is absolutely amazing with the students at Fremont international academy. She is patient, kind and energetic in her teaching. She encourages her students to engage the world around them in Spanish and to be excited to learn new techniques, words and phrases throughout the school year.
Jessica Swisher-Zimmerman* Fremont Maestra Zim has continually been a positive influence and educator for both of my children. She recognizes the potential in them and affirms that learning Spanish language is fun and integral in today’s world. I applaud her enthusiasm and thank her for shaping the lives at Fremont IA!
Jessica Swisher-Zimmerman* Fremont Maestra Zim encourages students, shows compassion and makes everyone’s day a little brighter!
Jessica Zimmerman* Fremont HUGE shout out to Miestra Zim! Thank you for always being so kind and patient. My kiddo loves her and she always looks forward to Spanish class! Also, it is a pleasure to work with Maestra on the PTO and help create the best for our Fremont community.
K. Overweg* Fremont She's been amazing all school year. Easy to communicate with. I love her Positivity and honesty. Her classroom always seem so well behaved and focused.
Keishana Taylor Fremont She is very active and involved in not just my child but other children’s lives! She is so caring.
Kelly Overweg Fremont Ms. Overweg is a master of her profession. Our family has the privilege of her teaching both of our children in her Fab Firsties classroom. Her dedication to reaffirming literacy fundamentals and consistent positive classroom management is unparalleled. Both children have flourished academically and we are proud to celebrate her this week and every week.
Kerry Long Fremont Ms. Smith is the most AMAZING, FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL person! She was my son’s kindergarten teacher at Fremont way back in the mid 2000s and she has helped me through some challenges now with my daughter who currently attends Fremont. She is so supportive and so kind hearted 💖
Maestra Zim* Fremont Maestra Zim is the heart of the school. She truly cares about everyone and supports us in the classroom and at community events. She is a gem.
Mr. See* Fremont Our son loves Mr. See he as since 1st grade before he even had him. The bond that he builds with his students is unparalleled. It's also always great to see male role models in elementary education. Thank for all you do.
Mr. See* Fremont He is a great teacher, and my child has learned a lot from him this year.
Mr.McCoy Fremont Working with Mr. McCoy my daughter has found a new comfortability with other staff outside her class room support. He has made her comfortable and helped her overcome a lot of obstacles she faced. Mr. McCoy is great at what he does hands on with the children and down to earth.
Mrs. Catalier Fremont You have been a wonderful influence on my child. Your investment in helping the class get back on track has been profound and we are so thankful for all of your work.
Mrs. Snyder Fremont Mrs. Snyder is in her first year teaching but has jumped right in and done a great job building relationships with students, seeing the best in every student, and making learning fun!
Mrs.McMullen Fremont My daughter loves Mrs. McMullen she’s patient with her and gives her praise when due. She has helped my daughter education continue to excel. We are excited for 1st grade.
Mrs.Nixon Fremont Mrs. Nixon is a great teacher she has a lot of love and compassion for her students and even other students in the building. She has brought my daughter a long way with her teaching skills and I hope to see more teachers like her.
Mrs.Rogers Fremont Mrs. Rogers has diverse communication skills. She has adapted to the way my child communicate. She comes down to her level and can get her to understand things other adults couldn’t. My daughter has taken a liking to her.
Mrs.Smith Fremont Mrs. Smith works one on one with my daughter. I have always been on the fence about special education. Since with my daughter along with her teacher Mrs. Smith has given my daughter the confidence to learn to accept help and that mistakes are ok when learning. She looks forward to this time with Mrs. Smith and I love to hear the progress.
Mrs.Taylor Fremont Mrs. Taylor had taken an interest in helping young ladies in the building uplift each other instead of tear each other down. These skill she has been passing along I’ve watched my daughter share with her cousins. Thank you Mrs. Taylor for going above and beyond and recognizing that young women need a out let to.
Ms hakman Fremont Ms. Hakman is an amazing 1st grade teacher. She is so kind and encouraging to her students with all different learning needs. She works to develop her students emotional knowledge as well as their educational learning. She takes the time to make sure parents are aware of their students needs, and works with school aids to address student needs. She has a passion for elementary education, and it shows every day.
Ms Latham* Fremont She is a great teacher my Child loves her and this class.
Ms. Childs Fremont Ms. Childs is hands down the best teacher I've ever encountered! Her love of teaching and of children is radiant! She is an absolute blessing!
Ms. Hakman Fremont I am so happy my daughter has Ms. Hakman as her first grade teacher! I appreciate how responsive and supportive she has been to all concerns/challenges we have faced this year.
Ms. Hakman Fremont Ms. Hakman is amazing at what she does! She shows her students so much grace and kindness. She caters to their individual needs to her absolute best ability and we are so thankful she is our daughter’s teacher!
Ms. Jessica Swisher-Zimmerman/Maestra Zimmerman* Fremont Maestra Zimmerman, The love you give students is amazing. Any student that has had the pleasure of having you as a teacher is blessed. The love of language you sparked in my son is incredible.
Victoria Ash Fremont We are excited to celebrate Mrs. Ash and thank her for the positive learning environment. We recognize teaching third grade is a pivotal moment in one’s academic journey, and we’ve witnessed her instructional impact on our child.
Bridgett Totsch LaMora Park The dedication and love she puts into her students is unmatched. My daughter has thrived in her classroom with the help of her whole team. You can tell she loves what she does. I can’t express how far my daughter has come this year. I hope she realizes how much of a difference she has made in our lives and we are forever thankful!
Dre, Karlito, Allyson, Lindsey, and Angie LaMora Park They are an AMAZING group of people who are right there when you need them. They love on these kiddos and help them process their big emotions. We appreciate them beyond measure and couldn’t do this job without them.
Kim Chatman LaMora Park Ms. Kim and Mrs. Soler have been very helpful in getting my son ready for school they has been infomitive and because of that my son is doing much better than he used to do. They are flexible with children and tend to the needs of each and every child.
Mrs. Babcock LaMora Park She is amazing. My daughter always has nice things to say about her. I love hearing them say I love you when they part at the end of the day.
Shelby Sanchez LaMora Park This woman hands down is an amazing person not only a person but as a teacher you have been through for my kiddo and helping her where she needs to be.
Tamara Babcock LaMora Park Mrs. Babcock goes above and beyond to make the students feel at home. She includes SEL activities to help students express their emotions. She has empowered my daughter to dream big.
Kendrix Myers Maintenance He’s a great guy a hard worker and great at what he does.
Andrew Wettrich Northwestern He always comes in with a positive attitude and tries to implement engaging activities for the students.
Hoffman Northwestern Thank you for all you have done for my son this year you’ve helped him grow and get better at pretty much everything you are so appreciate!
mr. buraso Northwestern He has been a go-to person for my daughter, who has been a 4.0 student at northwestern middle school.
Mr.williams Northwestern He’s awsome and very helpful.
mrs thompson school counslor at northwestern middle Northwestern she adjusted both my kids schedules the same day!
mrs. thomas Northwestern shes so nice and kind to everyone and :) best secretary ever <3 23- 24
Mrs.sparks Northwestern She is awesome and very helpful. I Appreciate all of her help this year with my son I know he can be a handful at school!
Ms. Mary Northwestern Ms. Mary brings a smile to every adult and child she encounters. She truly cares for the children she serves and it shows through the students' respect and appreciation for her.
Mrs. Woloszyk Post-Franklin Thank you for being a great teacher and taking time out to accommodate all students needs.
C.Connor Post-Franklin As a mother who once was a student she reminds me of why i loved certain teachers growing up. She’s so kind and patient with her students. My daughter comes home with a new compliment or story about something that made her day. I love that this teacher gives her students their flowers and goes the extra step to make sure they are not only excited to learn but to progress!
Cathy Connor Post-Franklin Ms. Connor and her partner/tutor go above and beyond to love her students and individualize instruction to meet their needs!
Grejeck and Batterson Post-Franklin They are always informative, great communication and has the children's best interest at heart. They make learning fun.
Mr herrick Post-Franklin Thank you for teaching and opening the music to all genres while making it fun!
Mr. Phenicie Post-Franklin Thanks for be a great teacher and being involved with all the students.
Mrs grajek Post-Franklin For teaching small little friends how to be good little humans and for teaching with heart!
Mrs W Post-Franklin For teaching with heart!
Mrs. Batterson Post-Franklin For teaching small little humans how to be good friends! For teaching with heart!
Mrs. Cox Post-Franklin For being wonderful and teaching with heart!
Mrs.bushman Post-Franklin My son really loves having Mrs. bushman as a teacher. I couldn’t have asked for a better kindergarten teacher for my his first year at school!
Ms. St Rose Post-Franklin For teaching with heart!
" Gianna Ferazzi" Springfield
Amy Withers Springfield I want to thank Ms. Withers for her endless dedication to the students at Springfield. She is both a full time teacher and coaches various sports the entire school year. I could not be more thankful that my students get to experience her in both aspects. As a parent, I am thankful that she is so responsive when I have questions or concerns because I know that she is very busy. Battle Creek Public Schools is so blessed to have Ms. Withers!
Guerry Love Springfield Mr. Love has ignited a love for music and exploring instruments for my 6th grader. She shares with me comments that he has made to her that have truly helped build her confidence overall and empowered her to take risks that she normally would not take. I was a little skeptical that she would like band, but it quickly became one of her favorite things and something that she takes great pride in!
Guerry Love Springfield Thank you for not only being an amazing co worker but also a great friend! I appreciate every band class with you! Thank you for including kids of all differences and abilities!! You rock bro!!
Jamilee Hawn Springfield Ms. Hawn has the patience of a saint! I have had multiple students that I am personally connected to go through her classes this school year and she is always willing to do whatever she can to ensure their success! Thank you for the work that you do and your dedication. It has not gone unnoticed!
Mark St. John Springfield Both of my students have Mr. St. John and really enjoy his class. He has options for missed days that encourage the students to be active outside of school which in turn has kept the whole family active. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Mr. St. John!
Morgan Schieber Springfield From the moment I met Mr. Schieber, I was confident that my son would do well in his class. His consistency and project based learning makes it possible for every student to be successful. I enjoy our conversations and conferences and how excited he is about the work that he does. I am thankful that my son got to experience having him this year!
Mr. Guerry Love Springfield Mr. Love, You have planted a seed of interest and love for music in my son. He LOVES playing music and even gave himself a nickname because he plays the trombone. Thank you for all you do!
Mr. Sherbert Springfield He is always awesome my son loves him.
Mr.Mcclenny Springfield He is a wonderful teacher that has a great connection with his students. To lead them on the path through the world of the internet. Teaching our students independence and self-confidence.
Ms. Stacy Belson Springfield Ms. Belson, Thank you for helping grow my son's love of science. He really likes being in your class and learing all he can!
Patience Pike Springfield Thank you to Mrs. Pike for her work as both a teacher and coach. My son has had her in both capacities and she is always supportive. I appreciate that she is easy to communicate with and holds my student to a standard that will set him up for success throughout his academic career.
Ryan Saylor Springfield Mr. Saylor makes learning fun! He creates a welcoming environment that also provides consistency and accountability which is essential for many students' success. I am thankful that two of my students were able to go through his class.
Sierra Blair Springfield Thank you for bringing your excellence to Springfield Middle School and shifting the culture of the students with your female empowerment class and for always empowering lady Bearcats of all ethnicities. Thank you for all of the inspiring events you’ve held at Springfield as a world culture teacher in collaboration of your co-workers on that comitte. Your guests that come into the empowerment class and pour into the lady Bearcats are nothing short of amazing and the fact that you’ve came in being true to yourself and your beliefs and encourage our Bearcats to do the same is beautiful. Thank you for holding yourself accountable everyday as an educator and a trailblazer for the bcps district and leading by example and showing the lady bearcats what excellence looks like day in and day out. Also thank you for all of your volunteer work with Middle School Basketball for the boys 8a/8b teams. Lastly, you’ve found a way to carry over the amazing things you do in your classroom and channeled that into your coaching journey as an assistant middle school tennis coach and you have so much love and support within the Battle Creek community. Each day wether you are happy and healthy or not you find a way to “Just Queen It” and myself, the students, and the parents in the community are grateful to have such a precious gem in the district.
Sierra Blair Springfield Mrs. Blair is an all around gem for the district. Between teaching and coaching, she always goes out of her way to make each child feel valued. She supports all students whether she has direct interaction with them or not. She embodies the Bearcat motto, Pride of the State! Thank you for your endless devotion Mrs. Blair!
Stacy Belson Springfield Mrs. Belson has been so patient with my 6th grader this year. I am thankful that she has been able to experience a teacher that has as much experience as Mrs. Belson. I appreciate that Mrs. Belson holds my student accountable when necessary and communicates her concerns. Thank you for your dedication over the years! You have taught generations and set students up to be successful! I appreciate you so much!
Stephanie Marszalek Springfield Mrs. Marszelak has been my son's teacher for 2 years now and it happens to be in his least favorite subject. Nonetheless, she has been able to keep him engaged in learning and available when he needs additional support. Communication means the world to me when it comes to my son's education, so I am thankful that she responds to my e-mails and answers any questions that I have at conferences. My son is blessed to be in her class!
Stephanie Marzalek Springfield Thank you for going above and beyond, year in and year out, and putting your students’ needs first in everything you do. We appreciate you!
Erica Westra Valley View I want to give you a big giant shout out for going out of your way every single day to help my kiddo who has severe adhd!! School isn’t easy for G! I appreciate you way more than you will ever know. Thank you for caring and loving my kiddo!!
Jeffery Vandis Valley View Mr. Vandis gives so much to his students. He really pushes them to do their very best. My child has come so far in the last year. He is a better reader, testing higher in math and learn technology skills. I wish there were more teachers like him!
Jennifer Ryan Valley View My daughter has improved in her reading so much this year and I have Ms. Ryan to thank for that.
Kristin Youngs Valley View Kristin has hit the ground running since joining our team, and her dedication to getting to know each and every one of us is truly remarkable. Whether it's through one-on-one conversations, team meetings, or impromptu hallway chats, Kristin has made it her mission to connect with us on a personal level, building bridges of understanding and support. But Kristin's contributions don't stop there! She's been like a superhero, swooping in to lend a helping hand wherever it's needed. From assisting with lesson planning to providing valuable insights during professional development sessions, Kristin's versatility and willingness to jump in have been a game-changer for us all. Kristin, your passion for education and unwavering commitment to our school community have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for bringing your energy, expertise, and endless enthusiasm to everything you do. We are incredibly lucky to have you on our team! Here's to many more successes and accomplishments together!
Marcie Crull Valley View Marcie is one of the most caring teachers any of my children have encountered at valley view. She has made a noticeable difference in my sons education and I can not thank her enough for putting in as much effort as she does.
Mary Glave Valley View Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.
Miss Monique Valley View She is always so welcoming and truly cares about students and parents she never lets you leave the office or get off the phone with her without a smile or Helpful information.
Miss Shreve Valley View She’s been super amazing and my daughter absolutely loves her!
Mr Flora Valley View Mr Flora! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, You make a difference! We are lucky to have you at Valley View.
Mr Kahly Valley View Mr Kahly is the best 5th grade teacher!!! We are so happy that our son is in your class, thank you for being a caring and understanding teacher, as parents we always enjoy your presence, and love teachers who can be themselves around us. We are beyond grateful for your guidance and support.
Mr Madelung Valley View Mr Madelung is a sweet, kind teacher, has so much patience and is loved by many students; my kid being one of them. Thank you for who you are, you make a difference in each students life. just know that you are appreciated.
Mrs. Boogaard Valley View Mrs. Boogaard has been an absolutely amazing teacher for my daughter's introduction into her school career. Her patience and grace is unmatched. Thank you for all you do!
Ms Bercaw Valley View Shout out to Ms. Bercaw! You are an awesome teacher!! We are glad that our son is in your class this year, my son has learned so much and we appreciate your hard work, cause i know its not easy. I know we always tell you this but We love your harry potter classroom!!
Ms Char Valley View Ms. Char, thank you for all the love, and care that you put into teaching our child! Though we had a rough late start your patience, and dedication have made all the difference in our son's progress. Thank you for everything.
Ms Clock Valley View Shout out to Ms Clock! She has been the biggest support for my kids at Valley View, Your dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, we are so grateful to have you in our students lives, you have made a significant impact on our kids academic growth every year, Words cannot capture my appreciation!
Ms Heath Valley View Dear Ms. Heath! Thank you so much for all that you do! My son loved being in your class, and we as parents enjoyed working with you throughout the year he was with you. I remember seeing you at Wilson Edison Elementary as a teacher and I was only a student there at the time and I've always heard great things about you from other students which made me sad that I wasn't in your class, however 30 years later I found out that MY son was going to be in your class, I was so excited for him. Thank you for choosing to still teach throughout these years!
Ms Karen Valley View We want to thank Ms Karen for also being a huge part of our son's progress, her and Ms char make a great team and we are so happy to have them part of our son's educational journey, preschool teachers are the ones who plant the seeds of knowledge that will forever grow! And we will forever be grateful. Thank you Ms Karen!
Ms McWethy Valley View Dear Ms McWethy, you have helped my son so much when he was in your class, you made sure he had everything he needed to make him feel comfortable.Thank you so much, you have a heart of gold. We love you.
Ms Monique Valley View Ms Monique! Your kindness and positivity makes everyone better. You have a beautiful soul and BCPS is blessed to have you at Valley View. Thank you for everything you do.
Ms Perry Valley View I know this teacher is no longer there however, she was such a phenomenal teacher, and so patient. We love her so much and miss her.
Ms Shorter Valley View Shout out to Ms Shorter, She has done a great job running the school the last 2 years she has been with us, thank you for your exceptional leadership and for always putting the needs of the students first. We are fortunate to have you as our Principal!
Ms Westra Valley View Shout out to Ms Westra who is one of my Favorite teachers that my son has had at Valley View, though it was her first year of having her own class, i knew from the beginning she was going to be a great teacher, and I wasn't wrong, we've became close by the end of the year. Thank you for giving little angel your kindness and care every day when he was with you, I will forever appreciate you!
Nurse Kelly Valley View Nurse Kelly, you're the heart beat of our school at Valley View. Whether it's putting on band-aids, stopping a bloody nose, or holding on to ice packs, our children are safer because of you! Thank you for all that you do for the children health and wellness!
Susan Goins Valley View Mrs. Goins has been a part of our son’s life for over 3 years now and there is truly no one like her, we are so thankful for her. She never gives up on him or any of the kids even when most others would’ve, even when there’s been times I’ve almost felt like giving up myself she still shows up day after day full of optimism and kind words for her students and their parents alike. I can’t imagine learning and navigating autism without her guidance and flexibility. We could not do it without her. A big shoutout to the rest of the staff as well as everyone is always so friendly and encouraging of him, we love his school!
Victoria Boogaard Valley View Mrs. Boogaard is the kindest, most attentive teacher. My little one adores her. She looks forward to seeing her every single day. She's come out of her shell so much because of her comfort level with Mrs. Boogaard. She has been communicative and helpful with anything my husband and I have needed. Truly a fantastic teacher and human being.
Westbrook Valley View By far my daughter's favorite teacher. Couldn’t ask for better. I hear nothing but good things DAILY. 💞💞
Ms. Claire Verona Ms. Claire, my daughter and I appreciate you so very much. Thank you for all you do!!!!!
Ms. Salina Verona You are amazing and so very appreciated, keep doing what you do!!! Much love.
Frederick Jankowski Verona Thank you for making music fun for my child, he loves your class.
Jodi Ellenwood Verona Mrs. Ellenwood is by far one of the best educators I have ever been witness to. She has an ability to set expectations with students and hold students to those expectations. She is firm with students and also develops lasting relationships with students that make them want to be in her class and learn. The students in her class want to behave and learn from her because they know she cares about them. Mrs. Ellenwood is who I think about when I think about what ALL teachers at BCPS should look like to be successful.
Jodie Ellenwood Verona Thank you for being an amazing teacher. You have made a positive difference in so many lives! We appreciate you!
Katie Cape Verona She works hard but, gets a rough deal from the students.
Mrs. Ellenwood Verona She always goes above and beyond for her students- all students. She shows them love while teaching the students to push themselves to be better. She always puts herself last. Most importantly she believes in all the kids and try’s to show them their true potential. The love she has and shares with her students is pure! She treats all the students with care and deserves so much more. I’ve seen her teach and she CARES! Thank you Mrs. Ellenwood!
Mrs. Parshall Verona Thank you for being a great teacher and working around the students' needs.
Natasha Hagar Verona Very caring, understanding, teacher.
Natasha Hager Verona Mrs. Hager is a master at giving each student what they need. She has an incredible way of making all her students feel like they are important. Students in her class want to behave well and learn because of the relationship she builds with them. She is open to suggestions when it comes to meeting students individual needs and will try anything if she thinks it will help kids learn more effectively.
Mrs. Timeya Gray Verona In my humble opinion, teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. You educate the leaders of tomorrow. You help them as they navigate and befriend a classroom full of students who are both very different and very similar to them in a variety of ways. You help them make sense of what is sometimes a scary, yet beautiful and loving world. You are likely one of the most important adults in your students’ lives right now. Thank you for educating, loving, supporting, encouraging, challenging, and caring for our children, your students, the leaders of tomorrow.
Ms.Begg Verona Even though my student is no longer in her class she still checks up on him. She also helped after school with an essay even though she is not his teacher. She is an amazing teacher. I can't thank her enough for all the support she shows him.
Mr Crawford WK Prep I really appreciate how patient he is with my son. No matter how disrespectful or rude my son was to him. He made sure he let him know. Young men don’t act that way and to have some respect for others. Now, they are very close and he goes to Mr. Crawford to get help with his work. They have their own little bond and I appreciate it. He keeps me updated on his progress and let me know what changes have been made. He told my son I’m always here to help you and now he goes to him for everything pertaining schoolwork. He is the best ❤️
Calvin Williams WK Prep Mr Williams has been an outstanding support for ALL students at WK Prep- we would be lost without him.
Mr Williams WK Prep Mr Williams runs a tight ship which is needed but he also cares very deeply for his students and their success in school and their future he is a wonderful individual.
Mr.Williams WK Prep I like the way that he handles my son and tried to push him to be a better young man. He’s always on top of things. I love that he is always patient and he always follow up with me on everything. My son also likes him and opens up to him a lot. He is the best ❤️all praise to him.
Mrs. Young WK Prep Mrs. Young is always on top of it. She lets me know how my son is doing, and if there is anything he needs. I can contact her to relay messages to him, or to ask her anything. Mrs. Young rocks and deserves a day of recognition. Mrs. Young if you see this. We love your help and am happy that my son has you as a teacher. YOU ROCK!!!!
Ms Jordan WK Prep She is a caring person and a wonderful role model who really cares for the students
Dustin See Thank you for being my son's safe space, for being his champion. I'll never forget the huge hug you gave him at a back to school night, when he ran into your arms and you picked him up. He wasn't always the easiest kid to love, and I appreciate your dedication to learning about his needs.
Ms.Malone Thank you for always believing in our son and praising him every chance you get. Your love for your students shows and we appreciate you!