Fall 2019 Bearcat P.R.I.D.E. Award Winners

Congratulations to the newest Bearcat P.R.I.D.E. award winners! These are seven commendable members of the our BCPS staff community who have shown a commitment and dedication to their students, their schools, the school district and the Battle Creek community. Standing for Proudly Recognizing Individuals Demonstrating Excellence, P.R.I.D.E. Awards are given based on peer nominations. The winners listed here will also be recognized at Monday’s School Board meeting.

Casey Bess

Teacher, Battle Creek Central High School

Mr. Bess was nominated for exemplifying what it means to be a Bearcat. A Battle Creek Central graduate himself, Mr. Bess has served as a role model and an advocate for the students of BCCHS. From the tradition he began of hosting members of the football team at Clara’s on the River, to obtaining tickets for students to be able to attend Hamilton the musical recently, he is always looking for opportunities to heighten the experience for our Bearcats, and for that we are truly thankful.

Dianna Crawford

Interventionist, Ann J. Kellogg Elementary

Ms. Crawford was nominated for her calm yet effective approach to supporting students in her role as a behavior interventionist. Ms. Crawford has been intentional about finding opportunities for personal and professional growth in support of our students. She has been trained in conducting risk assessments and Non-violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) and we are thankful that she is now passing her expertise along to other BCPS educators as well.

Crescenda Jones

Principal, Ann J. Kellogg Elementary

Mrs. Jones was nominated by several of her staff members for leading the charge toward creating the safe, family-oriented learning environment that exists at Ann J. today. Among the many positive comments, her staff shared that “her inclusive approach to decision making and student success has united our building, igniting new life and energy in the school.” The impact Mrs. Jones has had on her staff and students is abundantly clear and we are thankful for her dedication and leadership.

Marcie Crull

Teacher, Valley View Elementary

Ms. Crull was nominated for her commitment to the success of her students, particularly in the area of literacy. Ms. Crull guides her third grade students to be lifelong readers and instills in them a love of reading by offering them choice, innovative literacy center work and instruction that is engaging and interesting. The work Marcie does to get her students excited about reading is giving them a firm academic foundation on which they will continue to grow on their way to future success.

Bobby Collins

Bus Driver, Dean Transportation

Mr. Collins was nominated for the friendly, helpful spirit he always displays for staff, families and children in BCPS. He consistently goes above and beyond his normal duties, often even walking students all the way to the building, which he said gives him “a chance to listen and talk with the students, which can be difficult to do on the bus sometimes.” We are thankful to Mr. Collins for helping create a positive school experience before students even step into their schools.

Greg Beznoska

District IT Field Technician

Greg was nominated for showing ROAR (Respect, Ownership, A+ Attitude, Responsible) through his outstanding customer service in support of staff and students throughout the district. Through is role within the IT department, Greg takes ownership for every challenge that arises, working relentlessly to find a solution in a timely manner. Greg’s greatest strength is that he does all of this with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

Rebecca Bolden

District Attendance & Truancy Interventionist

Ms. Bolden was nominated for her dedication to the families of BCPS. She has a sixth sense for recognizing others’ needs and finding ways to meet them. Whether visiting in need of support, training staff on effective behavior interventions or responding to a building dealing with a tragedy, she does it all with a smile and a fantastic attitude. We are grateful to Ms. Bolden for her outstanding service to the staff, students and families of Battle Creek Public Schools.