Bearcat Alumna Spotlight: Daniele Bwamba, Class of 2014

Daniele Bwamba, Battle Creek Central High School class of 2014, is a food scientist working for Hershey's Chocolate and Candy. She played a key role in developing the Limited Edition Red, White, and Blue Hershey's Candy Bar, available in stores this holiday weekend.

For educators, some of the greatest moments often come years after a student moves on to the next grade or stage in life. Witnessing former students graduating high school, moving on to college or a career and making a difference in their communities or the lives of others all serve as moments of great pride. But they are also surreal reminders of the important roles we all play in setting up the next generation to make a positive impact on the world. Battle Creek Central High School class of 2014 graduate Daniele Bwamba followed her dreams and is now developing products for Hershey's Chocolate and Candy. If you are out looking for 4th of July weekend treats, keep an eye out for one of her most recent products, the Red, White, and Blue Hershey Chocolate Bar. Learn more about Daniele, her product and how her time in BCPS impacted her and her career in the Q&A below.

What do you do for Hershey's and what role did you play in bringing the Red, White, and Blue Hershey bar to production?

I currently work for The Hershey Company in Chocolate Product Development as a Research Scientist. Most of my work is done at The Hershey Company Technical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As the product developer, I received a concept from marketing and worked on the formulation of the bar. The colored cookie ratio was very important, so I worked with suppliers to make sure we got exactly what we needed to bring the bar to life.

What led you to pursue a career in Food Science? And what did you study after high school?

During my Sophomore year at Battle Creek Central, we read Fast Food Nation in AP English. That's what initially sparked my interest in Nutrition. The Summer after my Junior year, I participated in a research apprenticeship program that focused on Food Science. When I completed the program and came back to finish my Senior year I knew that I definitely wanted to pursue an education in Food Science. I received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. Aggie Pride!

What experiences from your time in school were most important to preparing you for your career? Were any teachers particularly influential?

My time in BCPS exposed me to a lot of different people and ideas. I was able to learn the fundamentals of teamwork, responsibility and communication by being involved with different organizations and clubs. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Davis, was very influential in helping me focus my drive and energy in the right place academically at a young age. Mrs. Helmboldt was yearbook advisor, and appointed me yearbook editor at Battle Creek Central. Mrs. Helmboldt was very influential in helping me find and become comfortable with my leadership style and creativity.

What advice would you offer to current bcps students as they begin thinking about college and careers?

Learn how your passion can work for you and others, that's the key to having a fulfilling life and career. Stay focused and always be receptive to new ideas.

Where can we find and purchase the red, white, and blue bar?

The Limited Edition Red, White, and Blue bar can be found at most grocery stores in the take home candy aisle! (Walmart, Target and Meijer)

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