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At Battle Creek Public Schools, transformation is underway and excellence is on the rise. We are offering new opportunities for every student at every level.

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Whether you’re looking for accelerated learning, hands-on experiences or individualized support, you’ll find more opportunities for every student, in every grade and at every school.



Battle Creek Public Schools has a rich athletics history, stellar facilities and a dedicated coaching staff, with a wide array of opportunities for students to become involved in sports.



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Staff Directory

Find contact information for our inspiring staff, including your student's teachers, principal, and learning coordinator, and our district-level staff.

Springfield Middle School

Springfield Middle School

Springfield is a grades 6-8 middle school in Battle Creek, Michigan. We offer personalized education, enrichment, physical and arts education, and more. It is also home to the REACH Enriched and Accelerated Program, specially designed for high-achieving learners.

Ann J. Kellogg Elementary

Ann J. Kellogg Elementary

Ann J. Kellogg Elementary is an elementary school in Battle Creek, Michigan, helping third through fifth grade students achieve their fullest potential.

Dudley STEM Boy and girl playing with stick figure toys

Dudley STEM

Dudley STEM is a pre-K through second grade school in Battle Creek, Michigan. We are committed to making sure our students develop the foundational skills they need to build the confidence to grow into talented readers and thinkers.

LaMora Park Elementary girl playing with mobile at recess

LaMora Park Elementary

LaMora Park is a pre-K through second grade elementary school in Battle Creek, Michigan, focused on providing students with a quality educational foundation — and a community in which children can grow, learn and thrive together.

Post-Franklin Elementary girl and boy at desks writing, smiling at camera

Post-Franklin Elementary

Post-Franklin is a pre-K through grade 2 school in Battle Creek, Michigan. Post-Franklin offers foundational math and reading skills in a family-oriented environment. All learners are welcome.

Valley View Elementary Three students writing with teacher helping

Valley View Elementary

Valley View Elementary is a pre-K through fifth grade school in Battle Creek, Michigan, committed to partnering with families and our community, to meet the needs of all learners in order to achieve outstanding academic results.

Verona Elementary four young boys smiling crouched on ground

Verona Elementary

Verona Elementary is a third grade through fifth grade school in Battle Creek, Michigan, committed to offering our students a safe and caring home away from home where they can develop a true love for learning.

Northwestern Middle School Boy smiling at computer in library

Northwestern Middle School

Northwestern is a middle school in Battle Creek, Michigan offering grades 6 - 8 in a trauma-informed learning environment that includes outdoor education and behavior-specialized learning approaches.