Parenting Awareness

Parenting Awareness Courses

The Parenting Awareness strand aims to equip parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to raise confident, educated, and emotionally intelligent children. Join a community of empowered parents and cargivers working to provide the best enviornment for student success. This is also an awesome opportunity to learn about district initiatives.

Session I: Pathways to Success: Burmese-American Family Empowerment Course

Session Description:
This course is geared toward Burmese-American families. Issues  to be discussed are as follows: raising children in a bi-cultural society, the American Education system/ Battle Creek Public School System, Family Engagement, Parent Empowerment and goal setting for students and parents.

On the following dates from 9:00-11:00 am AND 4:00-6:00 pm

October 19, 2018 - Topic: Welcome to Battle Creek Public Schools
November 2, 2018 - Topic: Attendance and Transportation
SPECIAL TIME - DECEMBER 7, 2018 FROM 9:00 - 11:00 A.M. - Acclimating to Michigan's Climate
January 18, 2019 - Topic: Bi-cultural Acclimation
February 8, 2019 - Topic: Early Reading Strategies
SPECIAL TIME-MARCH 15, 2019 -  FROM  9:00-11:00 A.M.-BCPS Success Opportunities
April 12, 2019 - Topic: Parent Choice based on survey results
May 24, 2019 - Topic: Parent Choice based on survey results

Language: English w/ Burmese Translation
Location: Valley View Library
Target Audience: Burmese-American Families
Facilitator: Internal Candidates: Palak Patel & Sui Thulai

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Session II: Strengthening Families Program

Session Description: This researched based program runs for seven weeks.  All families have strengths.  This program will help your family become even stronger!
Topics include:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Reducing Stress
  • Finding our Family Values
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting and Understanding Each Other Better

Tuesdays 5:30-8:00 pm
October 2, 2018
October 9, 2018
October 16, 2018
October 23, 2018
October 30, 2018
November 6, 2018
November 13, 2018

Language: English
Location: Verona
Target Audience: All Families/ Caregivers
Facilitator: Substance Abuse Council Staff

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Session III: Strong Families / Healthy Relationships

Session Description: The five sessions in this course offering explore topics identified by parents/ caregivers and youth.  Explore ways in which to strenthen the relationships you are a part of and obtain more skills, knowledge and information on how to make your family stronger.  Dinner, raffles and incentives are available.  

Available: Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00 PM
3/19/19 Great Parenting
3/26/19 Understanding Child Development
4/9/19 Effective Communication
4/16/19 Discipline for Children
4/23/19 Building Blocks of Healthy Relationships

Language: English, Translation services are available with advanced notice
Location: Verona Elementary School
Target Audience: All BCPS Families
Facilitator(s): Pamela Humes and Jacque Eatmon of Alternatives

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