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Parent University

Welcome to the BCPS Parent University Page

What is Parent University?

Parent University is an opportunity for parents to obtain knowledge and skills, both in-person and online, that will empower them to support their scholars’ success and develop personally. Courses will be offered at sites throughout Battle Creek to ensure ease of access for our BCPS family.

Why should I join Parent University?

Parents should join Parent University to be empowered in one or all of the four strands presented. Strand I: Parenting Awareness aims at providing parents the knowledge to raise confident, educated, and emotionally intelligent children. Strand II: Helping Your Child Learn in the 21st Century explores how to support your scholar’s academic opportunities and challenges with regard to preparing them for industries that do not yet exist. Strand III: Health and Wellness investigates activities to help families build healthy physical and emotional lifestyles. Strand IV: Personal Growth and Development examines support for parents on their journey to growth personally and professionally, in order to become the most effective advocate for their scholar.

Links to each strand can be found on the right.

How do I become a Bearcat Power Parent?

Register and attend one to two classes and become an Informed Bearcat. Participation in three to five courses makes you an Engaged Bearcat. Successful completion of six to eight sessions makes you and Empowered Bearcat and nine or more sessions awards you all the benefits associated with being a Bearcat Power Parent. Each level of participation comes with its own certificates, rewards and incentives.  Thank you for being a Bearcat parent!

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