SEED Award

Welcome to the SEED Award Page!

The SEED Award stands for Save Encourage Educate Dream

and will foster career and life success – by depositing funding for educational needs into savings accounts owned by the students themselves!

All BCPS students, from Kindergarteners to 11th graders, will be eligible to apply for the scholarships each year and awards will be made based on applicants’ essays, transcripts, grade-point averages and recommendation forms (Kindergarten through 2nd grade students have the choice to submit an essay or a picture book).  Recipients will receive $500 and can re-apply every year.

We have 18 awards to give away this year!  Awards will be distributed as follows:

1 award each at Dudley, Post-Franklin, and Lamora
2 awards given to Verona and Ann J students
3 awards given to Valley View
2 awards each at Springfield, Northwestern, BCCHS and the Alternative High School

This is an exciting opportunity for our students!

Applications for this year's awards must be turned in to your school's main office by Friday, January 25.