Challenge 5 Poster

Challenge 5: Good Attendance is the Key to School Success

This year we are focused on making sure that every student attends school every day. Studies show that good attendance is the first step to success, and that poor attendance negatively impacts a student’s ability to learn. Our campaign is called “Challenge 5”, because we know that students who miss no more than five days of school a year have a better chance of academic success. To spread the word, we are placing ads, hosting events, and asking our community to take action.  

Absences add up: if kids aren’t in school, they can’t learn. Too many absences can mean falling behind in school, and can be an early warning sign of dropping out.

Learn more:
Find facts about the importance of attendance here.
Learn more about how to help your child maintain good attendance in preschool, elementary school, and middle and high school.
Wondering if your child is too sick to attend school? View this helpful guide.

If there is anything making it difficult for your student to get to school, we are here to help! Contact your school’s Family Advocate to get support.

Improving student attendance is a collective effort in the Battle Creek community. Want to get involved?

If you would like to request a Challenge 5 postcard, poster, or yard sign click here.


Community Toolkit

Download Challenge 5 resources here:

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