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Facilities and Operations

The Facilities & Operations Department of the Battle Creek Public Schools oversees and maintains property at 27 different sites, which are in excess of 441 acres.

The Facilities Division is staffed with 12 full time maintenance employees. The responsibilities of the division cover a wide range of areas including the repair and maintenance of all District properties and equipment, mowing and other grounds work for all District properties, and snow removal from District parking lots and other areas. Employees are assigned to several different departments that provide carpentry, locks, hardware, glass, plumbing, heating, electrical, trucking, stockroom services, and a food services/mail driver.

The Operations Division is staffed with 42 full time employees. Each day, custodial employees of the division clean in excess of 1.5 million square feet of school property. The responsibilities of the Operations Division include the daily cleaning of the facility where the employees are assigned, light repair work in their facility, snow removal from their facility's sidewalks, and some grounds work that includes mowing, trimming, and leaf removal.

The Facilities & Operations Department assists in determining district-wide maintenance of the various school properties, including roof, asphalt, grounds, and all other areas that are necessary to support the students, staff, and others using the Battle Creek Public Schools facilities.