COVID-19: What We Know Right Now

Dear BCPS Families,

We are aware of Governor Whitmer’s statement today that Michigan schools are unlikely to reopen this school year, and know that many of you have heard the news as well. As of now, no final decision has been reached on extending school closures. We are watching the developments closely and are planning ahead for both scenarios — either going back to school in a few weeks or remaining closed for longer.

Right now, Michigan schools will be closed until April 13, 2020, following the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order earlier this week. The decision about when schools will reopen will be made by state education leaders and the Michigan State Legislature. We are waiting to hear whether this closure will be extended beyond April 13. Right now, this is yet to be announced, but we will keep you updated as we learn more.

There are many unanswered questions, but here is what we do know:

  • The community is working together now to explore what may be possible for meal pickups in the event of extended closure. We are working alongside our community partners to find a solution. We care deeply about the well-being of our students and will keep you updated as news becomes available.
  • Our efforts to promote at-home learning for students during school closures will continue. We will continue to add more resources for the community to help students learn and engage using both online and paper tools.

We know there is a lot of uncertainty right now, but please know that no matter what happens, we will be there to support this community.

Thank you and please stay tuned for more updates.

Stay well,
Kimberly Carter, Superintendent
Battle Creek Public Schools