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Update Your Contact Information in Skyward Today

As part of our At-Home Learning Plan, teachers and staff will be reaching out often to assign work, check in on families’ wellbeing, and to make sure the relationships between students and staff stay strong. It is important that we know how to get in touch. Please take a moment this week to update your primary phone number in Skyward with the number you would like teachers and staff to use to contact your student.

Update Contact Information

About the At-Home Learning Plan

BCPS has put in place a robust At-Home Learning Plan, which includes both online and offline opportunities for students to continue to learn and stay connected for the remainder of the school year. Parents and students should expect to hear from their schools at least twice per week, through the end of May.

Remote learning for high school students will focus on online learning, and for pre-K–8 students will focus on using packets that have been mailed home, with digital learning as a supplement. If you have not received any at-home learning packets by mail, please update your address using the Google Form here. You can download the packets for printing on the grade level-specific at-home learning sites or pick up packets for your student at the BCCHS meal pickup location on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. If you are unable to go in person, please contact (269) 245-6129.

  • Pre-K–8 work will center on paper packets. Teachers will be assigning at least one assignment in math and English language arts from the packet each week. Families should feel free to do more when they can.
  • Elementary and middle school teachers may send additional online activities to supplement packet work, using Google Classroom, Clever, or Seesaw. (Seesaw is for elementary students only. Clever and Google Classroom will be used by all grades. Login instructions found here.)
  • Grade 9–12 work for BCCHS students will take place online, using Google Classroom and Clever. Students will receive at least one assignment each week for each course they are enrolled in.
  • Teachers of elective courses like art, music and physical education can share activities and lessons on digital learning platforms as well.

We know you have many questions, and we are here to answer them to the best of our ability. BCPS is here to support your student through these trying times as we continue through uncharted territory together. If you have any difficulty accessing at-home learning resources, please reach out for support.

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Online Learning Login Instructions

How to Log in:

Depending on your student's grade level and teachers, online learning may take place on Google Classroom (all grades), Clever (all grades) and/or SeeSaw (elementary only). Logging into any of these platforms requires your student's BCPS Google login as well as a login code that will be provided by their teachers. If you have trouble accessing, please contact your student's teachers or email helpdesk@battle-creek.k12.mi.us.

Your BCPS Google Login:

If you are unsure of your login information, follow this template:

  • Username: The two digits representing your graduation year, the first five letters of your last name (or full last name if shorter), your first initial, and your middle initial followed by @bcbearcats.org
    • Students' anticipated graduation year can be determined using the below list, based on their current grade:
    • Pre-Kindergarten: 2033, Kindergarten: 2032, 1st Grade: 2031, 2nd Grade: 2030, 3rd Grade: 2029, 4th Grade: 2028, 5th Grade: 2027, 6th Grade: 2026, 7th Grade: 2025, 8th Grade: 2024, 9th Grade: 2023, 10th Grade: 2022, 11th Grade: 2021, 12th Grade: 2020
  • Password: The two-digit numbers representing your birth month and birth day, followed by the four digits of your birth year

See below for an example and visualization:

Google Classroom Login Information:

Students are able to access at-home learning resources, instruction and assignments through Google Classroom as directed by their teachers. To log into classes on the platform, use your student's BCPS Google account and the login codes provided by their teachers. Google Classroom is also available as a mobile app on both Apple and Android devices.

Google Classroom Portal

Clever Login Information:

Students are able to access at-home learning resources through Clever. To login to the Clever Portal, students select "login with Google." Clever is also available as a mobile app on Apple devices (the app is not yet available on Android phones).


Seesaw Login Information:

Elementary school students are able to access at-home learning resources through Seesaw, if their teachers choose to use the platform. To log into classes on the platform, use your student's BCPS Google account and the login codes provided by their teachers. Seesaw is also available as a mobile app on both Apple and Android devices.

Seesaw Portal

At-Home Learning Support

If you need assistance with student login information, please reach out:

  • Email: helpdesk@battle-creek.k12.mi.us
  • English Assistance: (269) 213-3563
  • Spanish Assistance: (269) 419-1978
  • Burmese Assistance: (269) 601-6029