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Career Academies

Battle Creek Central High School Career Academies


A Message From Principal Noah Hollander

Dear Bearcat Community:

For the past year, momentum has been growing around a new vision as part of our district’s journey of transformation — and that vision is the Battle Creek Central High School Career Academies.

These smaller learning communities within the high school offer students coursework and experiential, hands-on learning that are tailored to their career interests. Career Academies will give students the opportunity to explore their passions, build confidence, and make informed decisions about their next steps in their careers or higher education.

To help students connect with future careers and professional networks, we have already established dozens of partnerships with local organizations and businesses. Together, we will ensure our students learn skills that are relevant to their interests and build the talent pipeline to meet our region’s workforce needs.

Join us at Battle Creek Central, to experience the possibilities Career Academies have to offer!


Noah Hollander

BCCHS Principal



What Are Career Academies?

Career Academies are “schools within a school” grouped by interest area. All ninth graders participate in Freshman Academy, and at the end of ninth grade, students will choose a career-focused pathway. Once on their pathway, students will benefit from tailored coursework, experiential learning, internship opportunities and more, ensuring every Bearcat graduates career, college and community ready!

BCCHS Career Academies student will benefit from experiences such as:


  • Career Exploration: Students will have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals from many different career areas y participating in a Career Exploration Fair, interacting with panelists from a wide range of career fields and more.

  • College & Industry Field Trips: Students will attend college visits and industry field trips to confirm or reevaluate academy choices through real-world experiences.

  • Job Shadowing: Students will gain insight into the daily realities of their professions of interest. Students complete a one-day job shadowing experience where they observe professionals in a career area related to their academy.

  • Internships & Capstone Projects: Students will obtain hands-on experience where they can “live” the importance of their studies and form valuable connections with industry professionals.

Learn more about our vision for every Battle Creek Central High School Career Academies graduate.


Who Is Enrolled in Career Academies?

All incoming ninth graders participate in Career Academies beginning with Freshman Academy, a special learning environment that provides a smooth transition to high school. At the end of their freshman year, ninth graders will declare a Career Pathway.

Starting in the 2019–20 school year, all 10th graders will begin the curriculum for their chosen pathway within the corresponding Career Academy.

Career Academies will add one grade per year until it is fully implemented across all four grades at BCCHS in the 2021–22 school year.


Announcing the Career Academy & Pathway Options

The academies and pathways were chosen by a community working group that put their minds together to make selections based on what students and parents want for their future, and the biggest needs in the economy and workforce. The selected academies and pathways are:

Academy of Business, Engineering and Industrial Technology


  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Engineering & Skilled Trades*
Academy of Health and Human Services


  • Nursing
  • Health Care
  • Public Safety
  • Education

*(Includes CAD, Autotech, Robotics, Power Equipment, Electricity & Electronics, Machining, Aviation, Construction Tech, Welding, Collision & Repair, HVAC, Pipefitting)