Understanding Graduation Requirements

Michigan Merit Curriculum

The Michigan Merit Curriculum represents the minimum course requirements to attain a high school diploma. The following is a table showing the classes at Battle Creek Central High School that meet each state requirement.

English (4 credits): English 1, Pre-AP English 1, English 2, Pre-AP English 2, English 3, Advanced Placement English Language & Composition, Science Fiction Literature, Dead/Undead Literature, African-American Literature, Civil Rigts Literature, English 4, Advanced Placement English Literature & Compostion, Dual Enrollment Options: Freshman Compostion I, Freshman Compostion II, Introduction to Creative Writing, Introduction to Literature.

Mathematics (4 credits): Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-AP Algebra 2, Introduction to Algebra 2, Completion of Algebra 2, Pre-Caulculus/Trigonometry, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Fourth Year Math Credit: Programming, Accounting, Career Math, Qualifying Program at the Calhoun Area Career Center.

Science (3 credits): Physical Science, Biology, Pre-AP Biology, Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, Pre-AP Physics, Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Biology.

Social Studies (3 credits): Modern United State History, Pre-AP Modern United States History, World History and Geography, Pre-AP World History and Geography, Advanced Placement United States History, Government, Economics, Advanced Placement United States Government & Politics, Honors Macroeconomics.

Foreign Language (2 credits): French I, French II, French III, Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV

Fine Arts (1 credit): Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Blue/Gold Choir, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Art I, Art II, Art III, Advanced Placement Studio Art, Drama, Acting, Stagecraft, Piano Lab, Advanced Piano Lab, Guitar Lab, Advanced Guitar Lab.

Physical Education (0.5 credits for Health and 0.5 credits for activity-based PE): Health, Personal Fitness, Team Sports, Conditioning & Weight Training, Aquatics, Aerobics.

BCCHS Requirements

In addition to the Michigan Merit Curriculum, students at Battle Creek Central High School must complete the following classes:

Computer-based course (0.5 credit): Business Computer Applications I, Business Computer Application II, Computer Application I, Computer Application II, Programming, I, Programming, II, Web Design I, Web Design II.

Career Connections (0.5 credit): completion of Career Connections Course or completion of at least 1 year of a progam at the Calhoun Area Career Center, or completion of 4 years at the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center.

Minimum Credit Requirements

Finally, in order to graduate from Battle Creek Central High School, students must attain a minimum of 27 credits in 2018 (26 credits in 2019 and beyond). Students earn 0.5 credits for each semester class that they complete and pass with a 60% or higher (D-).

Transfer Students

Students transferring to Battle Creek Central will be subject to changes in these graduation requirements in order to best serve the students based on their educational history as well as maintaining the integrity of the diploma.