Duties & Responsibilities

Board Duties and Responsibilities

The Role of the Superintendent

The Superintendent is a professional educator employed by the Board and serves as the District's Chief Executive Officer. The Superintendent administers all district operations and carries out Board polices. Besides advising the Board on matters related to the management of the school district, the Superintendent is responsible for giving direction to the staff. The President of the Board of Education and the Superintendent prepare an agenda for each meeting, which outlines the formal order of business.

The Role of Trustees

Board of Education Trustees are responsible for developing and adopting policies that will guide the superintendent and staff as they provide for the educational needs of the students, parents, and citizens of the school District.


  • Setting goals for the District
  • Establishing the operating budget for the District
  • Establishing operating policies for local schools
  • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent
  • Authorizing the appointment of District staff
  • All policies established by the Board must be consistent with the laws covering public education in the state of Michigan and must follow the guidelines established by the Michigan Board of Education.


Board members receive no compensation.