Teaching and Learning Services
Dr. Chandra Youngblood Director of Elementary Education
Dr. Deborah Nuzzi Director of Secondary Education
Theresa Yeck District Transformation Coach
Caitlin Boline District Transformation Coach/ESL Coordinator
Carrie Briggs District Transformation Coach
Christian Manley District Transformation Coach
Heather Huska Data Support Engineer/Assessment Coordinator
Wes Seeley Coordinator of Grants and Federal Programs
Rebecca Bolden Attendance and Truancy Interventionist
Niaka Dunbar Family and Community Engagement Coordinator


Chad Osborn Director
Calvin Brewer Network Coordinator          


21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC)
Larry Manley, Jr. Director
Susan Clarke Secretary                                      


Student Services
Monique Cheeks Director
Sandi Brunner Secretary
Giles Herb Secretary                                       


Financial Services
Lindsay Elizondo Executive Director
Brenda Demott Accounting Supervisor
Dorene Hughey            Administrative Secretary/Facilities Rental
Angela Biergeder Payroll Supervisor
Samantha Russell Benefits Specialist/Accountant


Human Resources
Heather Hudson Executive Director   
Dianne Hatley Personnel Manager
Natalie Vickery  Human Resources Specialist   


Facilities and Operations
Chad Osborn Director
Sharon Cubbon Administrative Assistant        


Food Services
Michelle Morrissey Director
Deb Duane Assistant Director
Jerri Stafford Secretary                                            


Ross W                   Dean Transportation Supervisor