Family Advocates


The Family Advocate at your scholar's school is a "liaise" between families and school.  The Advocate's primary function is  to connect home and school in a positive, repsectful and welcoming manner.  Family Advocates may be responsible for a number of engagement activities aimed at increasing student achievement, school culture and climate, as well as, attendance.

Ann J. Kellogg Upper Elementary (3-5)

Family Advocate: Nicole Kundrat

Contact Information: (269) 965-9773

Verona Upper Elementary (3-5)

Family Advocate: Melissa Butler

Contact Information: (269) 965-9710

Dudley S.T.E.M Early ChildhoodLearning Center (Pk-2)

Family Advocate: Patty Poole-Gray

Contact Information: (269) 965-9720

LaMora Park Early Childhood Learning Center (Pk-2)

Family Advocate: Derrick Freeman

Contact Information: (269) 965-9725

Post-Franklin Early Childhood Learning Center (Pk-2)

Family Advocate: Mary Simmons

Contact Information: (269) 965-9693

Valley View Elementary (PK-5)

Family Advocate: Christina Soler

Contact Information: (269) 441-9150


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