Our District

Our District

Welcome to Battle Creek Public Schools - "The place to be, the place to stay!"

A diamond in the rough, Battle Creek Public Schools (BCPS) has a considerable number of under-recognized assets and numerous opportunities.  Our students have access to a wide variety of academic and enrichment programs unique to our district.  After-school programs in eight our of eleven buildings provide students with access to a safe, supportive, and productive environment during out-of-school hours.  Home to an award-winning band, prized theater and forensics program, competitive sports program, and Outdoor Education Center; the district takes pride in working to both educate and support the whole child.

We are committed to providing each and every one of the students we serve with a world-class college, career and culture-ready education.  Due to our limited resources, it is essential that we effectively and efficiently align them to achieve our goals.  Our priority is to focus on the teaching and learning processes that are proven through research and data to be sucessful with our diverse student population.  We also understand we must have a long-range plan for ambitious improvement and rapid transformation - a strategic plan guiding both our thinking and actions.

To accomplish this monumental task, a Strategic Planning Steering Committee was formed with members from throughout our community including deeply vested parents, members of the faith community, alumni, partner organizations, school board members, higher education, the city of Battle Creek, district administrative representatives and labor; all of whom worked diligently to develop a plan for the future of our district.  Our plan, entitled "Six Goals for Greatness" is included below.

We are committed to overcoming any barriers to higher student achievement and college, career, and cultural readiness for each and every one of our students and we believe in our vision of 100% success for every Bearcat!

Six Goals for Greatness PDF Document