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TrueSuccess Surveys

Roberts Student
Williams Student
Bartrem Student
Bingaman Student
Saylor Student
Justus Student
Hubbard Student
Fires Student
Ricketson Student
Sellers Student
Lantinga Student
Davis Student
Moose Student
Johnson Student
Greer Student
Johnson Student
Rockwell Student
Smith Student
Marszalek Student
Hemond Student
Sherwood Student
Anderson Student
Solovey Student
Jones Student
Cramer Student
Pike Student
Stewart Student
Gonzalez Student
Meek Student

Roberts Educator
Williams Educator
Bartrem Educator
Bingaman Educator
Saylor Educator
Justus Educator
Hubbard Educator
Fires Educator
Ricketson Educator
Sellers Educator
Lantinga Educator
Davis Educator
Moose Educator
Johnson Educator
Greer Educator
Johnson Educator
Rockwell Educator
Smith Educator
Marszalek Educator
Hemond Educator
Sherwood Educator
Anderson Educator
Solovey Educator
Jones Educator
Cramer Educator
Pike Educator
Stewart Educator
Gonzalez Educator
Meek Educator

School Hours

The doors of the school will remain closed until 7:25 for all students. Any student who is dropped off before this time will remain outside the building until 7:25 regardless of weather conditions.  

School Day Schedule

Full Day 7:35 - 2:40
Half Day 7:35 - 10:50

Please use this incident form to report any bullying, threats, or fights.

Your information will remain completely ANONYMOUS!


All students attending Battle Creek Public Schools will be academically competitive, personally skilled, and equipped with the attitudes and understanding needed for success in an evolving and global society.         



All students attending Battle Creek Public Schools will be academically competitive, personally skilled, and equipped with the attitudes and understanding needed for success in an evolving and global society.

From the Principal: 

Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 school year!

I would like to thank you for entrusting your students to myself and the wonderful staff that we have here at Springfield Middle.   We ask that you have patience with us as the first couple weeks are usually hectic. Welcome packets have been handed out to all students, if you did not receive a packet please contact us and we will be happy to send the packet home with your student.  Please take the time to complete the forms in the packet, as they are important to get our year started and includes resources for you.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Springfield Middle School is continuing Breakfast in the Classroom this year. This program is designed to give our students a warm comfortable place to eat breakfast each morning with their peers. This will take place during advisory that starts at 7:35 and ends at 8:00. It will be even more important this year to have our students arrive at school on time for this program to fully succeed.  

Bullying Program

On this page, there is a link to submit an anonymous form to report any bullying that you may witness.  Always feel free to use the form or call my office to set up an appointment to meet with me or Mr. Nordman.  Students are welcome to talk to me during the day, along with our Counselor, Ms. Purdy.  If there is anything that you would like to share with myself or the staff at Springfield in regards to your child, please feel free to email us.

Once again thank you for entrusting the staff at Springfield Middle School with your students.  It's a GREAT DAY TO BE A BEARCAT!!!                                                    

 Be Nice flyover                  


CHANGE OF INFORMATION: Please make sure your student(s) contact information is correct and current. It is very important that this information is kept current at all times. Please make sure the contact names are correct as we will NOT release any student to anyone who is not on the master list. Please call or stop by the school office.



All prescribed medications must have a written prescription form from the physician accompanying any medications given out to the students. Please make sure all prescriptions are clearly labeled, including inhalers. Inhalers must have a prescription on the box, or labeled on the inhaler without a box. This ensures us that we are administering the correct medications to your students. Thank you for your cooperation.

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