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Battle Creek Central High School


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Bearcat Parking Space Painting Info:

This is an opportunity for SENIORS and STAFF only

You will pay $15 for your parking space

Spaces will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and you will receive a tag for your car

This parking space will be yours and yours only for the entire school year

You may decorate your spot in any way you choose, but it must be approved by administration and by the National Honor Society advisor (designs must be submitted by 3:00 Friday, September 23 to paint on September 25!)

This is a fundraiser for the National Honor Society to pay the cost of annual dues and to help facilitate ongoing service work with local organizations


What do I get to do?

You get to create a design for your parking space!!

Be as creative as you want, but you must submit your parking space for approval before you paint

Water based exterior Latex paint will be the only type of paint allowed


No fluorescent or reflective paint is allowed

You may buy a space and not paint it if you would like


What are the catches?

Only approved designs will be allowed to be painted

If paintings are not approved, they will be washed away and you will lose your space

No refunds will be given

You will need to provide your own supplies (including paint, brushes, rollers, etc.)

No painting will be allowed before or after September 25.  Painting will occur between 8 am and 8 pm on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

Your spot is only reserved for the specified school day and is not necessarily guaranteed for sporting events or times outside of the normal school day

A registration form must be completed in full to receive your spot!!  Seee Ms. Felder with any questions. 




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2015 yearbooks may still be picked up at school during 4th hour in room 2202, or after school.

2016 yearbooks will be available until October 30th from $50.00.  After 10/30/15, the price increases.


Bearcat Photos!

Girls swim team
Bailey K
Bearcat Girls
soccer kick
Trent sanchez
flag girls
staff olympics 3-bernie
Toni- open house
teacher tug of war
band half day
Toni dance half day
Senior boys
Football players
Plegue 1
Bcc football huddle
Girls on the rock

Week at a glance

Bearcat Life
September 19th - September 25th, 2016

Monday, September 19th    


Tuesday, September 20th

Boys Soccer - 5:00/6:45pm (A)


Boys Tennis - 4:00pm (A)

Loy Norrix

Wednesday, September 21st

Girls Volleyball - 5:30/6:30pm (H)


Thursday, September 22nd

Freshman/JV Football - 4:30/6:30pm (H)


Boys Soccer - 5:00/6:45pm (A)

Loy Norrix

Friday, September 23rd

Varsity Football - 7:00pm (A)